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Development Accelerator Program 「MCH+」

We will support your team to create a game where your time, investment, and passion will become assets

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Why did we start MCH +?


double CEO / CTO Hironobu Ueno

The concept of “NFT (Non-Fungible Token)” was born by the practical application of the smart contract standard “ERC-721”, which was mainly used for unique digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain.
With NFTs, digital items will shift from “digital commodities“ to “digital assets“, that have unique characteristics, verifiable histories, and provable supply. In a future where real and digital worlds are increasingly intersecting, NFT assets will hold real value similar to physical assets today.


double CEO / CTO Hironobu Ueno

Double's first blockchain game ”My Crypto Heroes” was built with the vision ”Time, money and passion for the game will become your assets (= NFT)”. The innovation of this game is the game ecosystem, centered around NFT asset value creation.
Unlike conventional digital items that are stored on servers, NFTs are stored on the blockchain and give users real ownership over their items. NFTs are stored in the users' wallets, where they can manage assets freely by buying, selling, gifting, or even importing their assets into another game.
This is the open “NFT ecosystem”, which is creating a brand new UX for users. To enable this whole new gaming experience, we are providing mechanisms to game developers to create NFTs that can be used across various game apps within the MCH + universe.

Based on our experience of developing and operating the #1 Blockchain Game My Crypto Heroes, we will provide game developers with 4 verticals: “NFT Economics Design, “Game Ecosystem Design, “Financial Support”, and “Training HR Support” for the development of this brand new industry

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We will teach and apply all of our learnings from building ”My Crypto Heroes”.

”My Crypto Heroes” is the number one Blockchaing Game in the world in terms of Daily Active Users and NFT transaction volume. The development support program ”MCH + (MCH plus)” was started by the My Crypto Heroes team to spread the learnings.

By using the “MCH +” framework, a full-scale blockchain game can be quickly developed, even without the know-how of developing a blockchain game.

In addition to the development support, we connect our MCH + partners through cross-game assets, like turning your character into a My Crypto Heroes item and vice versa.


Core Program: Development Support
4 Support Verticals
To Create a Blockchain Game Ecosystem

Development Support Program

Provide technology that is necessary to interact with the blockchain
such as Node APIs, Smart Contracts, web3 authentication, etc.

Blockchain (On-Chain)
MCH + Game Engine

Token issuance / distribution function

NFT Design
Sale Auction Algorithm / Issue Limit / Secondary Distribution

NFT Metadata
Metadata Design and Extensability

Development Consulting
Support with tech stack and connections to our partners

Community Ecosystem Support Program

Building and activating a healthy ecosystem
which is very important for community and marketing

Interoperability of NFTs across MCH + partner games,
including ”My Crypto Heroes” assets.

NFT Network

Dapp Wallet Partners

Referral System design and integration into
MCH + Referral Alliance across participating games

Financial Support Program

We will provide financial support for 
the most excellent projects among the participating projects.

MCH + Accelerator

Invest up to 500ETH 
into NFTs

Equity Financing
Introductions to our investor network

Human Ressources Development Program

We will provide structured training and workshops for 
blockchain game development teams and engineers.

MCH + Hackathon

Blockchain Game Workshops

Read our Medium View Documentation (work in progress)

Application are now OPEN!

We are looking for global companies that can create a future where
Blockchain games are deeply connected with each other to mutually add value to each other's NFT ecosystem.

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Past Projects

Example of partnered companies and projects:
CryptoGames Inc.
『Crypto Spells』

This is a full-fledged blockchain TCG that
adopted the “MCH +” game engine before launch.

Cryoto Spells

Indie Developer Case Study
『My Crypto Heroes Dungeon』

A casual strategic RPG-like clicker game
that uses assets from My Crypto Heroes.


Our Partner Companies

Development Support

コンセンサスベイス ginco

Ecosystem Support

tokenpocket GO!WALLET

Finance Support


HR Training Support

Blockchain PROSeed BlockBase

About ”My Crypto Heroes”

My Crypto Heros My Crypto Heros

”My Crypto Heroes” is a blockchain game that you can play on your smartphone / PC.
Since the first day of the official launch on November 30th 2018, it has been ranked as the world's No. 1 Ethereum-based blockchain game, based on transaction volume and DAU. We further broadcasting the industry's first TV Commercal in end of 2018 until the beginning of 2019. Today, MCH is the world's No. 1 blockchain game among all Blockchains that maintains the top spot!
MCH is a turn-based battle game, where you can train, collect, strategize and challenge battles with historical heroes. Be the champion of the Crypto World with your strongest team!
Even if you don't have a crypto asset or wallet, you can start playing the game for free.

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