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Development support program 「MCH+」

Aiming to expand the world where you time, money and passion will become your assets

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Why we start MCH+?


double CEO / CTO Hironobu Ueno

The concept of “NFT (Non-Fungible Token)” was born by the practical application of the standard “ERC-721” , which was mainly used for managing digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain.
With NFT, digital items will shift from “digital commodities“ that can be copied as before to “digital assets“ with different meanings and different histories. And in the future, NFT assets will keep the certain amount of value in the world where real and digital are increasingly mixed.


double CEO / CTO Hironobu Ueno

The blockchain game represented by our ”My Crypto Heroes” was exactly the world where ”Time, money and passion for the game will become your assets (= NFT)”, by designing an ecosystem centered on NFT.
Unlike conventional digital items on servers, NFT guarantees ownership through blockchain, and it can jump out of the world of one game app. NFT can be displayed on different apps such as Wallet, users can transfer that freely through buying, selling, gifting.
This is the “NFT ecosystem”, which is creating a brand new UX for users.In order to make this UX even more valuable, we will provide a mechanism that allows NFT to be used across various game apps as MCH+.
NFT is a unique and valuable digital asset, so it will be handed down among users.
For the sustainable development of the NFT ecosystem, “MCH +” will provide a mechanism that the benefit will distribute to content creators according to the secondary distribution value.
Based on the know-how of the development and operation of NFT games obtained at MCH, we will provide mainly these 4 things as follow, “NFT game designing“, “ecosystem designing”, “financial support”, and “human resource development support” for the development of this brad new industry

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We will provide development support program by using the knowledge that we learned through developing ”My Crypto Heroes”,
which keeps running top in the world in terms of Daily Active Users, and transactions.

”My Crypto Heroes” is the number one in the world in terms of Daily Active User, NFT transaction volume. The development support program ”MCH + (MCH plus)” has been newly provided from the My Crypto Heroes.

By using the “MCH +” framework, a full-scale blockchain game can be developed in a short period of time without the know-how of developing a blockchain game.

In addition to the development support, we aim to expand the blockchain game ecosystem by using game assets MCH+ partners' games such as My crypto Heroes.


“Core program: Development support“
4 programs to extend
blockchain game ecosystem

Development support program

Provide various mechanics which are necessary 
for blockchain game development via API or smart contract

Block chain
Game engine

Off chain
Token issuance / distribution function

Issue / secondary distribution function

Metadata extension

Development consulting
by development support partners

Ecosystem construction support program

Support ecosystem construction
which is very important for marketing

Mutual use of NFT among participating games 
including ”My Crypto Heroes” assets

NFT market

Dapps wallet

Referral program provision and
Referral alliance between participating games

Financial support program

We will provide financial support for 
particularly excellent projects among participating projects.

MCH + accelerator

Invest up to 500ETH 
in NFT
according to allocation

Equity finance
by finance partners

Human resource development support program

We will provide human resource development support for 
blockchain game development teams and engineers.

MCH + Hackathon

Blockchain college
Blockchain game seminar

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Recruitment of applicants

We are looking for companies that can create a future where
Blockchain games can use each other's NFT and mutually add value on those NFT.

We send the latest information on MCH + on SNS

Previous case

Example of corporate development
CryptoGames Inc.
『Crypto Spells』

This is a full-fledged blockchain TCG that
adopts “MCH +” programs in advance.

Cryoto Spells

Indie development case
『My Crypto Heroes dungeon』

A casual strategic RPG-like clicker game
that uses assets from My Crypto Heroes


List of partner companies

Development support partner

BlockBase コンセンサスベイス

Ecosystem support partner

tokenpocket GO!WALLET

Finance support partner


Human resource development support partner

Blockchain PROSeed BlockBase

About ”My Crypto Heroes”

My Crypto Heros My Crypto Heros

”My Crypto Heroes” is a blockchain game that you can play on your smartphone / PC.
From the first day of the official service launch on November 30, 2018, it has been ranked No. 1 in the world for transaction volume, transaction volume and DAU as an Ethereum-based blockchain game. Broadcasting the industry's first TVCM from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019. Today, it is the world's No. 1 blockchain game that always maintains the top ranking.
The game content is a worker placement type RPG where you can play casually.Collect, train, organize and challenge battles with historical heroes. Be the champion of Crypto World with your strongest team!
Even if you don't have a crypto asset or wallet, you can start playing games for free.
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